Photographs have the power to trigger memories and emotions that are not always pleasant. Though there are photographs that are hard for us to look at, we still cannot part with them. Sometimes we find ways to hide, ignore, or destroy these kinds of emotional photographs. By manipulating the images that take on themes of love, family and youth I am attempting to resolve the conflict that lies between the image and viewer.

Inspired by Jason Lazarus’ project T.H.T.K (Too Hard To Keep) I have manipulated my images through the process of glitching (the manipulation of an images’ code). I am able to preserve the data of the image while distorting the content of the image. Through this data manipulation I have created an image that is removed from its original subjects and connotations. By collaging these images and removing traces of its original subject matter I remove any thought tethering objects by visually assaulting the eye. 

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